A special thank you to all who place their love, time, and effort into your pets.  For some they are family and for others they are workers, but at C.A.S.B., the dogs we breed are our lifetime commitment.  Thank you for placing your faith, trust, and business with Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels where, "We Breed to Perform & Perform to Breed. We don't Breed Just to Breed"

Crowned as Sovereign "Fezzik" Jedaiah Yaloon


When Erin asked her husband Dave to review her write-up, this is the email he forwarded me....

Hi Leon,
Erin asked me to read this over. Sums up our experience nicely. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and Fezzik is the most amazing beast ever.
Thanks again,

"Starting at the first point of contact, Leon has demonstrated his dedication to upholding the breed standard and finding the right forever home for his dogs. He is a sincere professional with authentic confidence in his knowledge of the Boerbel breed. This became clear during the initial interviews, when Leon made sure Dave and I were well equipped to manage our new companion's needs, asking about our daily routines, the layout of our home and yard and our plans for caring for our new dog in the event of travel. Learning that we have a daughter, he respectfully asked about her experience with dogs thus far and was delighted to learn that as a daughter of a professional dog trainer, she had learned assertive, positive and effective means for managing typical adolescent puppy behaviors such as nipping, jumping and pulling on leash. Leon also inquired about the length of time our puppy would be left alone during the day and how that time would be spent so to prevent property destruction and separation anxiety. Our puppy was flown in to our local airport, accompanied by a skilled handler in coach. From the time our puppy, Fezzik, landed, his service dog training began. Now 9.5 months, Fezzik is a handsome, well socialized gentle giant. He still has lots to learn as this is his first summer season, however learning with him is such a joy. As his size continues to impress us, Leon continues to check in on us periodically. He has made it clear that if we have any questions or are interested in any breed specific resources, he is just a phone call away. "  

- Dave, Erin, & Lilly, Rhode Island, USA



Photo Credit to Erin.  Image titled, "Some Perspective", Jedaiah's First Beach Day of Many in Li'l Rhode Island. December 2015. Puppy's Paw Prints In the Sand -18 weeks old - next to Adult Female's Left Hand.