At Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels we only breed healthy animals that qualify according to the Boerboel International, Inc. breed standard with a goal of producing the same, hoping to avoid disappointment.   Although we try our very best, we cannot foresee genetic or hereditary defects.  In the unlikely event of the replacement of a dog, we do so as fair as possible, without hesitation.  All puppies come with a guarantee  against the following defects:

1. Hip dysplasia worse than C:C at 24 months (C-hips are acceptable)
2. Vaginal prolapse
3. En/Ectropion
4. An official Boerboel International TPI/SABBS appraisal score less than 75% at 18 months
5. All testing must be completed before 24 months

These defects must be certified by a veterinarian in a report displaying the pets microchip number. The dog will be replaced by a puppy of the same quality or better, free of charge (shipping and any related costs will be the responsibility of the buyer), upon proof that the dog has been tested, spayed, or humanely euthanized.  Any disputes will be presented to the sellers veterinarian who will make a judgement.

◦ Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels will not replace a boerboel due to owner negligence, injury, malnourishment, or obesity;
◦ Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels will not replace a boerboel that has already been bred and/or produced offspring;

◦ Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels will not replace a boerboel that has not been properly vaccinated, dewormed, & placed upon a monthly heartguard as well as a flea and tick preventative (proof must be provided);

◦ The above guarantees are only valid for buyers who buy their puppy directly from Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels;
◦ The above guarantees expires once the buyer sells the puppy.

Our hope is that we will be able to assist you as best as possible to complete the selection process and work with you and your pet throughout your pets life.

The Sovereign Guarantee is this: we promise and assure that the conditions set will be met as well as fulfilled; as long as you uphold our requirements, we will replace any dog/bitch puppy and/or adult dog if it does not meet the specified quality (pet or breed quality).

At Crowned as Sovereign Boerboels we maintain a waiting list for each upcoming litter.  Interested parties will be notified once the breeding is completed, pregnancy is confirmed, and as puppies are whelped.  A $500 USD deposit will be accepted after the pups arrive with the remaining balance due by 6 weeks of age. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another litter.  While color cannot always be guaranteed, we can guarantee that you will receive the sex of your choice.  We will provide weekly updates, i.e. pictures to deposit holders from birth until delivery/pickup. 

◦ Puppies will be available after a minimum of 8 weeks of age;
◦ Buyers will be responsible for shipping/crate costs;
◦ All puppies come with first vaccination, de-wormings, tails docked, the dewclaw digit removed, micro-chipped, and a vet health certificate;
◦ A puppy pack will be included (birth certificate, puppy food, instructions, vaccination history, microchip info);

◦ A free 1-year membership to Boerboel International (exclusion may apply - inquire at time of purchase).

Pups are sold in 3-tiers, with litters being priced individually. Pricing is based upon the sire and dam of the litter.

Breed quality pups are sold with a guarantee of earning an appraisal score of 75% or better, come with a 2-year health guarantee against genetic defects and are sold free from breeding restrictions.

Restricted Pups are sold with a breeding restriction.  They cannot be bred until required health tests are completed. Restricted puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee against genetic defects. 

Pet Quality Pups will typically have at least 1 genetic fault that would prevent it from being breed quality (example: liver nose) or have a trait outside of the Boerboel International breed standard. These pups come with a birth certificate, but not any health guarantees.

Should you have any questions, require additional information, or need clarification, please feel free to "Contact Us".

Puppy Policy


Last Updated November 21, 2015

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